Jensen 667-32fc34-69 Main Board For Je3207

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Jensen 667-32fc34-69 Main Board For Je3207

Part Type Main Unit
Main Board
Vga Input
Hdmi Input
A/v Board
Signal Board
Tuner Board
Part Number
Part Usage Lcd
Mfr Part Number 1 Jensen 667-32fc34-69
Board Number(s)
Known Models
Jensen Je3207
Panel Sticker Number
V320b1-l04 Rev.c1
Panel Manufacturer Chi Mei

This product was added to our catalog on Friday 26 October, 2012.

Generally to change this part in your TV you will need to follow the steps below.

  • Unplug the TV.
  • Very carefully lay it down without breaking the screen.
  • Remove the screws in the back cover.
  • Carefully remove the back cover. Sometimes the back cover is snapped on you may need to carefully pry it apart.
  • Find the part in the TV tha you are going to replace.
  • It is good to take a picture of it so you know where all the wires go.
  • Remove the screws that are securing it to the TV.
  • Take out the old part.
  • Carefully install the part in the spot you removed the old one.
  • Put the all the screws back in. Besure to put in all screws because some one them may be for grounding. Part may not function with missing screws.
  • Put the back cover back in place.
  • Put the screws back in that secure the back cover.
  • Plug it back in to test it.